Mario in classThis page will provide links and resources to students who are interested in learning more about the Politics program at Mount Allison University.

There are a number of reasons why Politics may be the right program for you.

1) For more information about our wide variety of courses and program requirements, visit our Courses and Program Description pages.

2) A degree in Political Science leads to careers in a variety of areas such as teaching, law, civil service, consulting, journalism, policy research, political campaigns, public relations, political advocacy and activism.  The degree is also an excellent foundation for graduate work in political science and other related fields such as law and public administration.  Political science graduates have gone on to complete MA and PhD and LLB programs at universities in Canada (for example, UofT, Queens, York, Carleton, Dalhousie) and abroad (for example, Oxford, London School of Economics, Sussex).  To learn more about the career and internship opportunities that become available through a degree in Political Science, visit our Careers and Internships page.

3) Politics students are involved in many clubs and activities around campus, which allow them to combine the study of politics with citizen activism and engagement.  Politics students also organize a Political Science Student Society.  For more information about the Society, see here.