Faculty & research interests

Fabrizio Antonelli
School-to-work transitions for students; teachers’ work and learning practices; and critical pedagogy and democratic learning in the classroom.
Tel. 364-2698    fantonelli@mta.ca    

Christiana MacDougall
Email: cmacdougall@mta.ca
Childbirth and motherhood; critical trauma studies and critical psychiatry; feminist research and feminist mental health; intersectionality.   

Morgan Poteet
International migrants and refugees; ethnicity, racialization and immigrant incorporation in Canada; transnationalism and globalization; current research on identity and belonging for Central American origin male youth in Toronto.
Tel. 364-2624    mpoteet@mta.ca  
Erin Steuter
Department Head 
Media analysis including media coverage of the "War on Terror", representations of alternative medicine, and monopoly ownership of the media in New Brunswick.
Tel. 364-2285     esteuter@mta.ca

Ardath Whynacht
Prisons and punishment, sociology of health and psychiatric knowledge, arts-based research, critical youth studies, cultural criminology, sociology of institutions, disability studies.
Tel. 364-2232  awhynacht@mta.ca   

Part-time Faculty  

San Patten
Harm reduction, injection drug use, the sex trade, HIV/AIDS policy development, program evaluation and community-based research.

Toni Roberts
Gender issues (and the intersection with class, race and sexuality), masculinity, sexuality and identity, and socialization processes with particular interest in the body and the deconstruction of modern dichotomies in knowledge production.

Lori Ann Roness
Aboriginal community development and capacity building, community vulnerability, adaptation and resilience, the role of communities in natural resources management, and applied social research.

Cheryl Veinotte
Multicultural, anti-racist, social justice education, diversity, equity, cultural competency, service learning and sociology of leadership.
Alison L. Estabrooks
Tel. 364-2326 aestabrooks@mta.ca   

Darlene M. Estabrooks
Office Supervisor
Tel. 364-2204 dmestabrooks@mta.ca    

Rebecca Leaman
Career Services Coordinator    
Tel. 364-2226   rleaman@mta.ca

Raine Phythian
Faculty of Social Sciences Coordinator
Tel. 364-3223  rphythia@mta.ca

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