The department offers a minor, a major and an honours program in sociology.

  • in classFirst-year courses provide an overview of the discipline and an introduction to core concepts in sociology.
  • The second-year course is designed for minor, major and honours students to gain a firm grounding in the general approaches taken in sociology and to promote the critical thinking, methodological, and writing skills necessary for advanced work.
  • Third-year courses emphasize theoretical approaches, analytical methods, and their application to major substantive areas of sociological interest. The areas covered reflect the strengths and interests of the faculty, and are designed to give students exposure to a broad range of material.
  • Fourth-year courses allow students to work with greater independence, and in more depth, on a range of topics.

For the courses required for each program and their prerequisites see the academic calendar.

When advice is needed on the sociology program, students can contact the Program Advisor, Erin Steuter. (

To keep track of the courses you have taken, it is useful to fill in a degree audit form.