Information for Sociology Students
We realize that university and departmental cultures are not always obvious. Below are some general points about Sociology departmental culture. For information on the Honours program please follow this link and for useful information if you are considering going to graduate school, see this link.

Sociology informationPlease come to see us about your program. We can check your credits, your course rotation and what you need to graduate. If you are having trouble with a specific course, please speak to the professor. Don’t be shy – we are nice people, and we want to help you succeed! The Sociology Program Advisor is Erin Steuter. (

We spend a lot of time thinking about how we teach. Since we are university teachers, we expect students to take responsibility for their learning. We know that students learn in different ways and we organize our classes to allow for this. You might also find it helpful to take a learning styles test to find out more about your own learning style. Generally, you can expect a lot of writing and group work in our classes.

World View
Check out the Department bulletin board outside of the Social Sciences office, this web page, and professors’ office doors to get a sense of what individual faculty members and the department are interested in, and what things we think you should know about.