Moodle Support and the Educational Technology Consultant

Need Moodle Help?

Contact the Helpdesk for your immediate questions about Moodle such as setting up a Moodle course space, adding yourself as a teacher, etc.

Moodle Training Workshops

Training support workshops are held at various times throughout the year. In August and early September, several Introduction to Moodle workshops are given. At other times of the year, specific training is provided depending on need. Please contact the Eduational Technology Consultant for more information.

Moodle Screencasts

Moodle screencasts help you answer your Moodle questions in a just in time manner. The screencasts demonstrate all the tools and features of Moodle and can be accessed at anytime. For more information log in to Moodle. Agree to enroll is prompted.

The Educational Technology Consultant

The Eduational Technology Consultant provides support for curricular teaching and learning within classrooms, laboratories or studios through the judicious use of technology for pedagogical purposes. The ETC seeks to enhance classroom teaching through the provision of online learning opportunities. The ETC can help you with your teaching and learning projects.

Teaching and Technology Projects

Have other teaching and teaching projects you need help with? Want to meet to discuss? Contact the Educational Technology Consultant to ask about projects you are interested in pursuing. For larger, more complex projects, please provide lots of lead-time. Projects are prioritized based on complexity, required date, and relevance to teaching and learning. Click here to complete the request form.