Regional and National Teaching Awards:

Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU): Distinguished Teaching Awards. Seven Mount Allison Professors have won this prestigious award. 

  • Colin Laroque 
  • Rosemary Polegato 
  • Elizabeth Wells 
  • Erin Steuter
  • Robert Lapp 
  • Robert Summerby-Murray 
  • Alex Fancy 

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: 3M National Teaching Fellowships. Mount Allison University is proud to have seven 3M Teaching Fellows, one of the best records in the Maritime provinces!! 

  • Rosemary Polegato, Commerce 
  • Colin Laroque, Geography and Environment 
  • Elizabeth Wells, Music 
  • Robert Lapp, English Literature 
  • Robert Summerby-Murray, Geography and Environment 
  • Alex Fancy, Modern Languages and Drama 
  • Robert Hawkes, Physics and Astronomy