Course Evaluations

Evaluations for all 2017 Spring session courses are conducted online only, using Moodle. Instructors will receive  instructions from the Provost by e-mail.  Technical questions should be addressed to the CSD Educational Technology Consultant.


Departmental Secretaries


Interpreting Student Evaluations of Teaching

Information about Course Evaluations
Winter, 2017
Evaluation period: March 24 - April 7, 2017

In September 2009, Mount Allison University Senate passed the Policy on Teaching Evaluation, which states that each course at Mount Allison University will be evaluated every time it is taught using the Standard Mount Allison Evaluation Form. The Policy was accompanied by a Discussion Paper that lays out the principles that underpin teaching evaluation at Mount Allison.

*Implicit in the Policy is the expectation that all faculty members will submit the completed Scantron 'bubble sheets' containing the students' ratings to their departmental secretary, who will then forward them to be processed by Departmental Support Services.*

You are strongly encouraged to conduct your evaluations early within this period and to inform your departmental secretary at least a day or two in advance which dates you have chosen.

When it passed the Policy, Senate gave the Teaching and Learning Committee responsibility for its implementation. The Committee prepared the material on this website to facilitate the process for the University community. Teaching evaluation now falls under the jurisdiction of the Provost.

Though it has been categorized for faculty, secretaries, and students, the information on this Teaching Evaluation website is open and of interest to all.

Essential Evaluation Documents & Forms

Departmental secretaries have sufficient copies of all the materials.

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