high speed printingThe  high-speed print shop is located at the back of the campus bookstore.

Do you have a special project that needs to be printed in color, laminated, trimmed, and bound? No matter what volume or what your project might be we can help. To ask a question or submit something for printing please e-mail printjobs@mta.ca or phone 364-2267 or visit us at the customer service desk.

Pricing of the basic services:

Black and white

Letter and legal size

  • 0.15 (1-5 copies per original)
  • 0.06  (6-20 copies per original)
  • 0.04 (21 copies & up per original)

Special paper

  • 0.20 (1-5 copies per original)
  • 0.10  (6-20 copies per original)
  • 0.07 (21 copies & up per original)

Full colour 

Letter and legal size

  • 0.45

Poster size (11X17)

  • 0.65


We also offer a wide variety of finishing options such as stapling, hole punching, coiling, thermal binding, laminating, cut and padding to help make your project the best it can be.