All full time students living on or off campus are assigned an on-campus mailbox number.

All departments will use this mailbox to send you correspondence, plus you can use this address for all of your incoming mail. This box will remain yours while you are a full time student on campus. All freight and courier shipments are delivered to the campus bookstore.  Courier truck and vans are not allowed access to residences or campus buildings for security and safety reasons.  You will need your claim card and your student photo ID in order to pick up your parcel.  Please use your MTA mailing address for all incoming envelopes and packages.


Where is my mail box?

The mail boxes are located on the lower level of the Wallace McCain Student Centre. 

I lost my mail key, what should I do?

If you have lost your mail key, come visit us at the campus store for a replacement key.  Cost is $10.00

When will the mail be in mail box?

Mail is sorted and in your mail box usually by 12:30pn each working day.

I need a stamp?

Stamps can  be purchased at the bookstore.

What happens with parcels that are too large to fit in my mailbox?

If you receive a package too large to fit in your mail box or a courier package, you will find a green or white  claim card in your box telling you where to pick up your parcel.


If you  have any questions you can stop by the campus store or email

Your on-campus address:
Mount Allison University
62A York Street, Unit ####
Sackville, NB
E4L 1H3


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