AV equipment owned by the university can not be used for personal use.

All requests for equipment should be made through the 25Live booking system available.

Requests must be received at least two (2) working days in advance for services and/or equipment required at other times.

All requests will be served on a first come basis.

The person picking up the equipment from the helpdesk will sign for it and will be held responsible for the safe return of the equipment. Equipment must be returned by the time indicated on the sign out form. Untimely return of equipment without valid reason will result in withdrawal of booking privileges.

Requests for equipment by students who require the equipment as part of a course, must be made by the faculty member.

Student groups must have an appointed representative who will be responsible for booking the equipment and for its safe and timely return.

Students planning residence parties need the house president to request the equipment who will be responsible for its safe use and return.