A password manager relieves the burden of thinking up and memorizing unique, complex logins — the hallmark of a secure password. It allows you to safely share those logins with others when necessary. Password managers are apps for your phone, browser, and desktop that let you remember just one password to unlock your unique passwords for every other site and service. You can download the app and then use it to generate and save new, unique passwords.

  • You do not have to remember all of your passwords.
  • You can have a unique and complex password for each account.
  • You have the option of using Autofill on forms or passwords.

Here are the most popular password managers:

LastPass comes in two different versions – free and premium. Both can generate and store a limitless number of account logins in a secure vault secured by a master password, employ multi-factor authentication, and will even complete online forms for you automatically.

The premium version also syncs across multiple devices, stores passwords for desktop programs, and lets you share secured folders with other people, with customizable permissions.

Dashlane is LastPass's closest competitor, and like LastPass it's completely worth checking out. It features one-click password generation, world-class security, ease of use and the ability to store notes for future reference.

It’s not just a Windows desktop program either, there are browser plugins and mobile versions, and similar to LastPass there's a premium version of Dashlane that includes unlimited sharing and syncing.

Keychain Access is an OS X app that stores your passwords and account information and reduces the number of passwords you have to remember and manage.

When you access a website, e-mail account, network server, or other password-protected item, you may be given the option to remember or save the password. If you choose to save the password, it’s saved in your keychain so you don’t have to remember or type your password every time.

Important: To ensure that passwords and other data stored in your keychain are secure, make sure to set up a login password for your computer.