Please note: The following information is now available on the Faculty & Staff Gateway on the Tech help FAQ page in the Tech help site.

Why does my password need to be at least 14 characters?

Mount Allison continually looks at best practices and takes steps to improve network and account security. Password length is the most important factor in creating strong passwords and requiring 14-character passwords will help ensure your Mount Allison accounts are as secure as possible. Read the University's Password Policy and Procedures.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password through Office 365.

  • Log into your account at
  • Click on the "gear" icon (Settings) at the top far right of the screen
  • Choose "Password" and follow password reset instructions

How do I create a 14-character password I can remember?

Longer passwords are often known as "pass phrases". You can find tips and tricks for setting up a longer password or pass phrase on our "set up a password" page.

What do I do if I forget my password?

  • When you change your password, take a moment to register for self-service password reset at
  • You will be asked to provide a phone number for text messages or an alternate non-MtA e-mail where password reset instructions can be sent in the event you forget your password
  • Once you have registered, you can then reset your password at, or use the "can't access your account?" link on the Office 365 login page.