About OneDrive    
Q: What does ‘Sync’ mean?
A: Syncing your data means that you will have a copy on a local computer as well as in the cloud.  You can easily save documents directly into your OneDrive for Business folder and the data is then "synced" to the cloud. Whenever you sync files to your computer it will take up storage.


Q: How many versions of a document are kept when using versioning control in OneDrive for Business?
A: By default, OneDrive for Business is set up to keep 500 versions of a file or document. A version is created each time a document is edited and then closed.


Q: What is the maximum file size that can be stored in OneDrive for Business?
A: If you use Internet Explorer 10 or a recent version of other popular web browsers, you can upload files to OneDrive for Business that are up to 15 GB in size. If you use an older web browser, you can't upload files larger than 300 MB.


Q: How do I save directly to my OneDrive for Business from within Word or Excel?
A: You can save directly into OneDrive for Business from any of the Office 2016 apps by selecting the “OneDrive for Business –MTA” option from your File Save dialog. If you are logged in, you’ll be able to see your OneDrive for Business folders and choose the one where you want to save the file. If you are not logged in, it will prompt you to log in.


Q: How will I access Office 365 OneDrive for Business on my computer?
A: There is the OneDrive for Business sync client that you can install on your computer (Windows/Mac) that will allow you to access your OneDrive for Business and synchronize it with a folder on your device. You will also have the option to map a folder or drive to your OneDrive for Business directly if you wish.


Q: How will I access Office 365 OneDrive for Business on my phone or tablet?
A: Your OneDrive app lets you in to your OneDrive for Business account. Check this Microsoft website for more details.


Q: Help! I opened a Word document from my OneDrive for Business but it’s not letting me make changes.
A: Opening a Microsoft Office file from OneDrive for Business opens the file as read only. Select Edit Document at the top right to start editing your Word file.


Q: I just made changes to a Word document I opened from my OneDrive for Business but can’t find the Save button.
A: This means that you are in Word Online so your edits are automatically syncing back to your OneDrive for Business cloud storage. When finished editing the document you can close it. The changes you made will be automatically saved.


Q: I can’t save directly to my OneDrive for Business from within Word or Excel because OneDrive for Business - Mount Allison University account is not listed!
A: You need to sign out of MS Word / Excel and then sign back in. Your OneDrive for Business - Mount Allison University should be now listed under File / Save as window.


Q: My colleague said that they shared a document with me in OneDrive for Business but I can’t find it.
A: When you open your OneDrive for Business, select “Shared with me” at the left of the screen. This will take you to all items others have shared with you.


Q: I can no longer synchronize OneDrive for Business because my computer has run out of space.
A: If your local PC has limited disk space, synchronizing your large OneDrive for Business document library will be quite problematic as you can easily run out of disk space. If you're concerned about disk space, you can choose which folders to sync, or you can use Files on-demand (Windows 10 only).


Q: I can’t find the View in File Explorer option to map or reconnect my OneDrive for Business!
A: To open documents with File Explorer, you’ll need to use Internet Explorer, then add this site to your Trusted Sites list, or select the “Keep me signed in” check box when you sign in to the SharePoint Online site.


Q: I can’t map the OneDrive for Business with a letter, because I receive a message to add the site to Trusted Sites first.
A: When you sign in to Office 365 make sure you check the “Keep me signed in” box, or go to Internet Explorer Settings / Internet options / Security tab and add this site to the Trusted Sites list.


Q: I shared an Excel file with my colleagues but we can’t collaborate simultaneously!
A: You have to enable the Shared Workbook feature, located under the Review tab, Share Workbook, Editing tab - Allow changes by more than one user.


Q: I can’t edit my Word file online, it keeps asking me to convert it first!
A: If your Word, Excel, PowerPoint files have been saved using older versions of the software (i.e. Word 97 or Excel 2003), they need to be saved (converted) to the new file format (from .doc to .docx). If you try to edit older version of the file in the browser, you will get a conversion request message (once you click Convert, the file will be converted to the new file format on the fly (from .doc to .docx).


Q: I can’t edit my .csv file online.
A: CSV files cannot be viewed or edited in Office online, you will need to convert to a recognized version of Excel.


Q: I don’t want to synchronize a folder because it’s too big, how can I remove it from the list?
A: Right click on the folder, select Choose OneDrive for Business folders to sync and deselect the folder.
OneDrive for Business started to create duplicate files. The original file name and then the same file name with the PC name appended.
OneDrive for Business creates a file with the computer name appended whenever a conflict is detected. For instance, if you have a file named "MyFile.docx", OneDrive for Business will create "MyFile-ComputerName.docx" in a conflict situation. A conflict exists when the file has been updated in more than one place.
Q: I have a file that doesn’t synchronize! The file size is only 350 MB and the file name doesn’t contain special characters.
A: Any file that’s currently open by an application (for example, an Excel .xlsx file) can't be synced by OneDrive for Business. To sync the file, close any application where the file is currently being used, and then sync the file.


Q: Someone has access to my file, but I didn’t share this file with anyone! 
A: Most likely you saved this file under a folder that has been previously shared with someone, therefore if a document is created in a folder it will inherit the permissions as per that folder.


Q: OneDrive for Business doesn’t sync on my MAC!
A: Try to restart OneDrive for Business (click Quit OneDrive for Business and then reopen it). This should fix the issue, but if not, follow these steps.