Bar Services

Mount Allison Conference Services is able to offer bar services for your conference or event.

Below you can find the details of different bar services options and how the costs for each are calculated.

Cash Bar

  • All products used, billed at cost (i.e. alcohol, mix, cups, staff, ice, delivery)
  • PLUS Overhead: 40 per cent
  • PLUS - Applicable taxes
  • SUBTRACT - sales from total cost (There will only be an invoice if sales are less than cost)

Hosted Bar

  • Same as cash bar PLUS 15 per cent gratuity (based on alcohol and mix costs.)

Event Services Staff
All bars outside The Pond (Mount Allison's Campus Pub) require that student Event Services Staff are in attendance as Event Security. They are also available for other events on request. The group will be billed for their use at $20 per hour per officer.