Dining Services

Food Services provides private dining facilities for parties from ten to several hundred in many styles of services; waited, buffet, cafeteria and formal banquets. Constant supervision by our trained staff ensures personal attention to the selection, preparation and serving of foods.

The Conference Manager should be contacted to select a menu and make necessary initial plans for the service you desire. These initial plans and decisions will be conveyed to the Food Service Catering Staff.

For menu ideas and pricing please contact us.
Banquet Room Accessories
Available for your use in banquet rooms are public address systems (cost associated with set up), extra chairs and head tables. If your program requires any of these items, please make advance arrangements.
Candles, linens, flowers and other special accessories can be made available through the Food Service office at an additional charge.

To ensure your satisfaction:
   1. Check the availability of a room at the earliest date possible. This should be completed prior to discussing food arrangements.
   2. Make the room reservation and discuss your special needs concerning room arrangements, public address systems and head tables.
   3. Plan the menu and make your catering arrangements with Conference Manager as far in advance as possible.
   4. Give your guaranteed number of meal service to the Conference Manager 72 hours (three working days) prior to the date of your function.

Special Information
   1. A guaranteed number for meal service is the number submitted as your final estimate to be served at a particular function. The number must be given to the Conference Manager 72 hours prior to the date of your function. You will be billed for the number guaranteed, or the actual number if the guarantee is exceeded.
   2. There will be an additional labour charge for banquets that run over two hours from the agreed starting time.
   3. Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to the event. Any expenses incurred up to that time will be the customer's responsibility.
   4. All prices are listed on a per person basis and subject to the HST. A 50 per cent deposit may be required 72 hours prior to the date of your function.
   5. Parties of less than 15 people are subject to a 20 per cent surcharge.