Amira AbouleishAmira Abouleish (’20)

PPE, planning on Honours and a minor in Commerce
Houlton, ME

  • Is assistant captain of the dance team and teaches at the dance studio in Sackville "Perpetual Motion"
  • Participated in Global Brigades in the 2016-2017 school year in the Public Health Brigade.
  • Built a latrine for a family with the Public Health Brigade.
  • Believes philanthropy helps to create an even playing field for students.
  • Is one of the donation coordinators for Global Brigades in the upcoming school years.

“One of the things that really stood out was realizing the privilege that we have to be born in North America and to realie that because we have privilege, it doesn't mean we shouldn't help do something to kind of close that gap for people in less privileged countries.” 


Carolle de Ste-CroixCarolle de Ste-Croix (’90)
Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies
Director of Alumni Engagement and Giving at Mount Allison
Sackville, NB

  • Was very involved in Tintamarre, the SAC, Amnesty International, and Cercle Francais.
  • Very involved in residence life living in Carriage House first year and Harper Hall second year.
  • Has been involved in microfinance and medical brigades.
  • Feels Global Brigades is an excellent cause with a holistic model and that is why it has been extremely successful.
  • Has gone to Honduras seven times.

“I get to see the impact of philanthropy on our students and the institution, that is why I give. Everyone who donates to the Annual Fund can consider themselves part of a million-dollar gift. I'm a part of a million dollar gift every year. How great is that?”

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