Katherine FleuryKatherine Fleury ('19)
Ottawa, ON

  • spent the 2017 fall semester on exchange at the University of Kent in England
  • has applied to do summer research in the Czech Republic
  • long-term education goals include a master's in epidemiology and international health
  • considers MtA home because she lived in so many different places growing up
  • worked in Conferences and Event Services on campus, in particular accommodations

"Philanthropy is so important. There are a lot of people who don't have the resources that others do and I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to obtain post-secondary education."

Phil TibboDr. Phil Tibbo ('86)
Biology, first class honours with distinction
Halifax, NS

  • had a Bell Junior Research Fellowship in the summer between third and fourth year
  • received a student NSERC award in psychology and stayed on campus to do research the summer after graduation
  • is a psychiatrist, clinical researcher, and has an endowed research chair position at Dalhousie University
  • gives back to Mount Allison because Mount A was able to give him something very valuable and he wants to see that continue
  • was a member of the varsity swim team

"We want to ensure that students at MtA get the valuable experience that they need to be successful. That can come in different ways — through scholarly activities, athletics, and just the experience of being immersed in the Mount Allison community."