Mitchell GunnMitchell Gunn (’17)
London, ON

  • in the spring of 2016 travelled 3,000 km and performed for 3,000 students with Tintamarre
  • attending U of T in the fall of 2017 for a Master's in Creative Writing
  • when visiting campus, it felt like a home away from home
  • would be comfortable sharing the stage with any Tintamarre alumni because they’re all part of the same family
  • worked for the Tantramar Heritage Trust this past summer

“One of the traditions that we have is that a lot of Tintamarre alumni will email Alex (Fancy ’61 – Tintamarre director) when they know it is the first rehearsal or opening week. It builds up this feeling that you are not just one piece of a puzzle, you are part of this continuous journey of the Tintamarre family.”

David WhiteDavid White (’13)
English/French, minor in drama
Oakville, ON

  • started a Tintamarre-style troupe at his current school in La Ronge, SK
  • originally planned to go to law school but Tintamarre steered him toward being a French teacher
  • was an RA and worked at CHMA
  • toured with Tintamarre for four years and came back to drive the bus for a fifth
  • brought Alex Fancy (’61), Tintamarre director to his school in La Ronge to hold workshops

“I give back because I had such a positive experience with Tintamarre. You can see the impact that you are having on the kids and teachers. It feels great to come into a school and the kids are excited to see you and are engaged. If I was able to benefit from the generosity of others, I owe it to them to be able to continue the chain.”

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