By virtue of thoughtful and active planning, Mount Allison's new Planning to Give model allows donors to build a sustainable legacy fund over time.

Giving back to Mount Allison through planned giving is a true testament to one's relationship with an institution that has helped shape you as a person. It provides an active opportunity to make a gift that will have a transformative impact on the lives of students and faculty, helping to sustain and build on the University's unique environment for future generations to enjoy — as previous benefactors may have done for you.

An immediate gift to Mount Allison — in concert with long-term gift planning in the form of a bequest — enables you to envision your legacy to Mount Allison while witnessing the immediate impact of your gift. 

In the course of active gift planning, there are three giving cycles:

Foundational cycle - pic Growth Cycle - pic Legacy cycle - pic


Foundational cycle
The foundational cycle establishes a named endowment, which the benefactor can build over time. An endowment usually starts with a major gift of $25,000 to $50,000 or more, which can be presented through a one-time gift or a pledge to give over time, usually five years. An endowment of $50,000 would yield an annual spending allocation of approximately $2,000 to support the initiative of the benefactor's choice — for example, a scholarship or bursary.

Growth cycle
Once an endowment fund is established, benefactors can continue providing annual contributions, as they see fit, through the Annual Giving Fund. These annual gifts, plus the endowment's investment returns, create growth in the capital of the endowment, which in turn provides for increased annual spending allocations.

Legacy cycle
At the end of the benefactor's life, an estate gift, usually in the form of a bequest, is added to the existing endowment. At this point, the endowment fund reaches its full value — the culmination of the major gift, the annual giving, and the bequest. The fund is robust, generating an annual disbursement in perpetuity to support the initiative set out by the benefactor.