Neil MacEachern
Director of Facilities Management
Tel. 364-2448 

Ron Eickholt
Project Manager
Tel. 364-2447 

Perry Eldridge
Manager of Technical and Energy Services
Tel. 364-2445 

Matt Estabrooks
Manager of Building Maintenance
Tel. 364-2441 

Donna Hurley
Manager of Campus Services
Tel. 364-2597 

Will O'Reilly
Campus Services Supervisor
Tel. 364-2596 


Campus Services Supervisor
Tel. 364-2596 


Paul Bragg
Security Coordinator
Tel. 364-2228

Mark Payne
Project Coordinator
Tel. 364-2451 

Patti Sears
Operations Coordinator
Tel. 364-2248 

Darya Tower
Facilities Requirements Coordinator
Tel. 364-2651 

Marjorie Clare
Administrative Assistant
Tel. 364-2444