The Facilities Plan Advisory Committee (FPAC) is tasked with developing an update to the Campus Master Plan.

The update is part of the University-wide strategic planning process.

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Overall mandate

The Facilities Plan Advisory Committee will oversee and manage the processes necessary to develop a facilities master plan that will set priorities for Mount Allison's campus infrastructure. The plan will serve as a framework for decisions regarding the long-range physical development of the campus, primarily focused on the academic sector. These processes will be aligned with the University's academic and strategic plans. 

The Committee shall ensure the plan supports the University's mission by considering:

  • The long-term sustainability of infrastructure, including energy efficiency, operational costs, and the University's environmental footprint
  • How to improve learning and study facilities
  • Accessibility in campus buildings


  • Robert Inglis, vice-president, finance and administration (chair)
  • Neil MacEachern, director of facilities management
  • Ron Eickholt, project manager
  • Alix Mann, facilities requirements manager
  • Dylan Wooley-Berry, student representative
  • Laura Snyder, faculty/librarian representative
  • Aloma Jardine, communications officer

Time frame for the work

Target date for draft recommendations is March 15, 2016.

Frequency of meetings

The Committee will plan to meet monthly or at the call of the chair.