Summer 2016

A number of construction and renovation projects will take place on campus over the summer months. Some will restrict movement or result in the closure of parts of campus.

We appreciate your patience as we work to build a better campus.

Some of the key projects this summer include:


  • Thornton House — completing renovations in time to welcome new students
  • Sewer and storm lines — the Thornton and Edwards parking lot will be closed for most of the summer as storm and sewer lines around Thornton are updated, connecting to work the Town of Sackville is doing to modify storm and sewer systems on Park Street. The Town will also be paving and curbing Park Street.
  • Harper Hall — replacing elevator
  • Jennings Hall — replacing flooring, adjusting work stations, and installing a wood-fired pizza oven
  • Anchorage House —installing showers

Non-residence buildings

  • Athletic Centre — repointing brick work and installing a new roof; the Centre will be open, but access will be controlled during the work
  • Heating Plant stack — completing brick work that began last summer
  • Music Conservatory and Owens Art Gallery freight elevators, Library passenger elevator — maintenance that will result in a two to three week interruption in the use of these elevators, beginning in May
  • Alumni Field — infrastructure improvements; the field will be open, with some restrictions and limitations
  • Music Conservatory – replacing windows
  • Tunnel system between Library and Convocation Hall — there will be no access to this area while work on the tunnel system is ongoing
  • President’s Cottage — re-shingling the roof

In addition, we are replacing old benches and adding new benches across campus and adding exterior recycling bins. These bins come from a Canadian company ( and contain a high percentage of recycled content.
The Heating Plant will go on summer shutdown on May 20.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.