The mission of maintenance is to maintain a safe, efficient, and functional physical environment with a focus on providing quality, professional services to the University community.

The four types of maintenance activities that exist within the facilities management department are:

  • Routine maintenance: unscheduled work and repairs required for steady-state operations
  • Preventative maintenance: scheduled inspections, adjustments, calibration of equipment
  • Deferred maintenance: planned maintenance that is deferred pending funding or awaiting scheduling
  • Capital renewal: systematic replacement of building systems at the end of their useable life

Electrical shop
Mount Allison University has its own electrical distribution system. The electrical shop is responsible for maintaining the electrical systems that supply the buildings. In addition to the distribution system, the electrical department handles other electrical needs and lighting replacement on campus. Preventive maintenance and servicing routine work orders requests keeps the electrical shop busy.

Plumbing shop
The plumbing shop is responsible for maintenance and servicing of piping infrastructure that includes potable water for domestic use and sewage, and waste piping. The maintenance of these systems are the primary responsibility of the plumbing shop. Preventive maintenance and servicing routine work orders requests keeps the plumbing shop busy.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning shop
Preventive maintenance is the most important task of the heating ventilation and air conditioning shop. The trades’ staff is responsible for the maintenance and efficient operation of all heating and cooling systems on campus. The HVAC shop is also responsible for the operation of the Siemens Building Automation System that controls and monitors all heating and ventilating equipment.

Carpentry shop
The carpentry department includes the work of carpenters, locksmiths, painters and utility workers. The crew can implement departmentally funded renovation projects and some capital projects. The carpentry crew is our internal solution to renovation on campus, completing dozens of small to medium-sized projects each year for customers across campus. Preventive maintenance is key to the carpentry shop and involves routine inspections for roofing, railings, doors, exterior and interior structures.
Heating plant
The power engineers provide a 12-hour rotating shift schedule which provides 24-hour coverage for the operation of the boilers during the academic year.  Preventative maintenance work is completed during the summer. The power engineers also monitor the operation of the power generator.