Mount Allison has a plan in place to test the water in all campus buildings for lead on a five to seven-year cycle, as per Health Canada guidelines.

The following protocol is used to carry out the testing:

  • Locations are determined in consultation with building contacts from each building and represent locations where individuals could consume the water.
  • The testing is conducted by a specialized firm experienced in water testing.
  • The samples are analyzed by a certified laboratory.
  • The testing protocol used was recommended by the New Brunswick Department of Health.
    • A sample is taken from the cold water tap as soon as the tap is opened (first draw). These samples are sent to the lab for analysis.
    • For all locations where lead levels are found to be above the guideline on first draw, a second sample is taken after the water has run for 30 seconds (second draw).

Drinking water should have no more than 10 micrograms per litre (ug/L) of lead, as measured on the second draw after a 30 second flush.