Quick reference for buying items or obtaining services:
The procurement process is normally dictated by the dollar value, including all taxes and shipping costs of the item or service to be purchased as per the procurement policy

Value of purchase:

Purchases less than $50:
Petty Cash
Purchases less than $1,000:
P-Card - use when the value of your purchase is more than $50 but less than $1,000 and the vendor accepts Visa. Policy
Cheque Requisition - If you are not a P-card holder, purchase the item and then submit the vendor invoice, along with a cheque requisition, to Financial Services for payment to the supplier.
Purchases greater than $1,000:
Purchase Order System - The purchase order system should be used for all purchases greater than $1,000 with these exceptions as outlined in section 2 of the Procurement Policy. Purchase orders must be in place prior to goods being ordered or services being rendered.

Quick Summary of Purchase Order Requirements
 - Purchases greater than $2,000 up to $10,000 require one quote
 - Goods valued over $10,000 and under $25,000 require three quotes
 - Services valued over $10,000 and under $50,000 require three quotes
 - Goods valued $25,000 and over must be publicly tendered
 - Services valued $50,000 and over must be publicly tendered
 - Construction valued $100,000 and over must be publicly tendered


 Budget Considerations when Ordering Equipment

Contact Procurement Services at purchasing@mta.ca for information or concerns. 


Purchasing rates, standards and Terms and Conditions: 


Additional notes: 

All items purchased or claimed as a reimbursement using University funds, regardless of the source of funds, are the property of the University.

Non standard computer hardware (hardware other than HP and Apple) and software purchases that have not been vetted by computing services may not be supported by the University (computing services.)
Purchase order requisitions need to be submitted whenever the service involves students travelling by bus or van. See Academic and Athletic Travel Involving Students