Scotiabank Procurement Cards

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University Procurement Cards (P-Cards) are a convenient tool to improve the efficiency
of low dollar transactions, simplify the purchasing process, reduce paperwork
and reduce cycle times. Cardholders have a responsibility to the University to
ensure card security and appropriate use as per individual card restrictions.

Misuse of a P-Card or failure to comply with the terms of the Policy may result in
the card cancellation and/or other disciplinary action. 


Cardholder basic responsibilities includes all of the following:
-Completing Business Related Transactions
-Obtaining Receipts
-Maintaining Card Security
-Adherence to the P-card and Procurement Policies
-Reconcilliation of Transactions
-Submission of paperwork on time
-Obtaining 1-up signatures for approval



Acceptable Purchases

Unacceptable Purchases

Declined Transactions

Fraudulent Transactions 


 Policies and Forms:
P-Card Presentation

Policies to help protect cardholders  

Application Form

Acknowledgement of Responsibilities as a cardholder