Standard University Furniture

Mount Allison University continuously strives to lower operating costs, which includes standardization where possible.

Please contact Procurement for various options and to arrange for measuring up your space.

Desk and File Cabinets

Desk/Task Chairs
ErgoCentric/Air Centric
Mirra 2
ABI Think Chair

Side Chairs
 Herman Miller Caper Chair 
 Haworth Improv Side Chair  

For pricing on the Mirra 2, ABI think Chair and Herman Miller Caper Chair, please contact the
Procurement Office  

Prior to purchasing your new chair, be sure to test one out at the Library. An ergonomic
assessment may be required so that the correct chair is ordered for your body type and workspace.

Standardized Site Furniture

V99-3A Victorian Series Benches 
Excel Slant Top XS series Garbage Bins