Our Goal
It is our goal and responsibility to ensure that the University procurement process and our relationship with employees and suppliers is executed professionally, correctly, efficiently, ethically, transparently and inexpensively. The sooner that we are involved with your project/acquisition, the more confident you can be in a smooth and efficient outcome.


 What can Procurement do for you? 

  • Provide market research and information
  • Provide customs related services for importing/exporting goods
  • Expedite delivery of goods to the University
  • Set up and provide direction on the use of purchasing cards (p-cards)
  • Provide awareness and compliance related to government laws and trade agreements
  • Maintain data and records of University acquisitions
  • Dispose of surplus assets
  • Purchase Equipment, supplies, and services on a timely basis
  • Execute University contract requirements

Contact Us

Manager, Procurement Services
Ruth Terrio
506-364-2294 P
506-364-2216 F

Procurement Coordinator
Jenna Boomer
506-364-2295 P
506-364-2216 F