Exceptions to Procurement Policy


Except as noted below, the procurement of goods and services is authorized through issuing University Purchase Orders. The procurement manager, or his designate, is the only official authorized to issue University Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders will only be issued before the goods are received or the services are rendered.

The following goods and services are not procured through a Purchase Order:

  • Travel for individual faculty and staff which is governed by the Travel and Entertainment policies. Faculty and staff organizing travel involving students should refer to the International Travel Involving Students policy or the Academic and Athletic Travel Involving Students policy.
  • Entertainment which is governed by the University's Travel and Entertainment policies
  • Books, DVD's, CD's, films and similar media
  • Artwork purchases initiated by the director of the Owens Art Gallery
  • Utilities, insurance, audit, banking, investment management, and actuarial services
  • Legal services that do not involve research (patents, commercialization, etc.)
  • Goods and services procured with a University purchasing card as per the Procurement Card policy
  • Any good or services less than $1,000 or such larger amount set by the controller
  • Catering services provided by the University's dining service provider less than $2,500 or such larger amount set by the controller
  • Honoraria and guest speaker fees up to $5,000 or such larger amount set by the Controller.

The director of Facilities Management and Security, or his delegate, has the authority to procure goods and services directly on behalf of the University where delay would interfere with the ability to protect the safety of individuals or University property.