Health (Medavie Blue Cross)

The terms of the health plan are outlined in the booklet. Eligible employees must be covered under a provincial government medical insurance program or equivalent coverage in order to qualify for coverage under this plan.

An application form needs to be completed and returned to HR. If for some reason you do not want coverage under the health plan, please complete the benefit waiver section of the application.

Coverage will be effective on the first day of employment if the completed application form is received by Human Resources on or before that date. Please note that applications made more than thirty-one (31) days after employment commences must include evidence of good health and coverage will commence only if that evidence is accepted by the carrier

THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN - The Mount Allison University prescription drug plan is a tiered formulary plan that covers thousands of prescription drugs. The drugs available under the plan are grouped into two separate tiers. Drugs in the first tier are recognized as first-line therapy, are used to care for serious medical conditions and are generally more cost effective. The co-payment (the amount paid by the employee for each prescription) is $10.00 for drugs in the first tier. Drugs in the second tier are often more expensive, may be used to treat conditions that are not life-threating, are not always considered first-line therapy for the treatment of a specific disease and/or have lower cost therapeutic alternatives in the first tier. The co-payment is $30.00 for drugs in the second tier.

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MEDAVIE BLUE CROSS PHARMACY VALUE FINDER - Medavie Blue Cross has developed a website tool for members to compare drug costs and pharmacy services to help them determine the best overall value to meet their needs.

Out of country travel insurance (SSQ)

Emergency out of province coverage, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day against unexpected injury & sickness.

  • Can cover employee, spouse and dependent children
  • spouse and dependent children must be covered under the policyholder's group health insurance plan
  • must be covered under a Canadian federal and/or provincial health and hospitalization insurance plan