Long-term disability insurance (Manulife Financial)
This insurance provides salary replacement in the event of total disability (as defined in the master policy). Coverage is mandatory for eligible employees who are appointed for a term of at least one year and will be effective on the date your employment commences provided you are actively at work on that date and return the application to Human Resources on or before that date. The maximum duration of benefit payments under the plan for term employees is two years.  Benefits under this plan will not be paid if a disability results directly or indirectly from a condition which existed on or before the date your coverage begins. However, this limitation will not apply if

  •  (a) you have been covered under the plan for at least thirteen (13) weeks during which you have been actively working continuously and you have not been treated by a doctor, or any medical personnel under the direction of a doctor, or
  •  (b) you become totally disabled more than twelve (12) months after your coverage under the plan began.

The Long-term disability coverage is broken into 4 employment groups, please click on the group that represents you for further plan information.