The faculty/staff subcommittee organizes health and safety programs applicable to those employees it represents and acts as an advisory body to senior management.  Its purposes are as follows:

  • Communicate, educate & promote health and safety matters
  • Where appropriate, recommend procedures, programs, and policies that improve workplace safety conditions
  • Identify training requirements for faculty, staff and administrators and recommend implementation
  • Coordinate and facilitate workplace walkthroughs and identify potential hazards
  • Monitor and follow-up on any outstanding issues brought to the Subcommittee by employees

It is the responsibility of the health and safety committee to see that its recommendations are carried out.  Once the recommendation is implemented, the primary responsibility for adopting the recommendation in everyday activities lies with the employee(s) identified in the recommendation.

Where warranted, the committee may submit additional reports and recommendations, beyond compilation of the minutes.
Dissemination of minutes
The committee will post minutes of regular meetings to this website to ensure they are available to all interested parties as well as members of the University community.  Minutes will be posted as soon as possible after each meeting, normally within a few weeks.  The chairpersons will arrange for minutes to be provided to WHSCC.
Powers and functions of the subcommittee
Training and education

All members will receive a copy of the section in the Occupational Health and Safety Act entitled Joint Health and Safety Committees, along with the subcommittee's terms of reference and the University policy statement on health and safety.
Members should familiarize themselves with this material.  Within 12 months of being appointed, each committee member will attend the training sessions provided by the WHSCC.
Every year each member will attend a minimum of one seminar offered by the WHSCC (Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission) and one health or safety-related program of their choice.
To provide the necessary tools and skills to actively participate in the program, the co-chairs may require members to attend other courses as deemed necessary.

Members will also participate in: 
Identifiying hazards
Providing warning of hazards
Promoting programs and initiating safety awareness
Receiving complaints
Providing health and safety training to employees as needed
Accident/incident investigations
Investigating a right to refuse
Safety audits, then measuring our goals
Accompanying the WHSCC officer on inspections