Faculty/Staff Joint Health & Safety Subcommittee  

Terms of Reference  

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Faculty/Staff Joint Health & Safety Subcommittee (hereinafter referred to as the "subcommittee" ) is to foster a safe and healthy work environment by monitoring the workplace as well as educating and promoting safe and healthy habits.



Under New Brunswick legislation, each employer with more than 20 employees is required to have a joint labour/management health and safety committee. This legislation is easily applied to an industrial type of workplace. Mount Allison University is a unique employer. Many employees are involved with traditional workplace settings while a significant number of employees work in offices or classroom environments. In order to ensure that all employees are properly represented, Mount Allison has adopted a multiple committee strategy to meet its requirements.



The subcommittee organizes Health and Safety Programs applicable to those employees it represents and acts as an advisory body to the Health and Safety Steering Committee. Its purposes are as follows:

• Communicate, educate & promote a health and safety conscious culture.

• Where appropriate, recommend procedures, programs and policies be established and enforced that improves workplace health and safety conditions.

• Follow-up on all recommendations brought forth to management and communicate response from management to the workplace.

• Identify training requirements for faculty, staff and administrators and recommend implementation.

• Review building inspections, investigate reported accidents, and facilitate the use of right to refuse unsafe work.

• Monitor and follow-up on any outstanding issues brought to the subcommittee by employees.



It is agreed that all information discussed in the meetings will remain confidential and will remain internal to Mount Allison University. When possible health and safety issues will be discussed omitting names of individuals who may be involved.


Committee Representation  

This subcommittee consists of one employee member from each of  MAFA,  CUPE Local 3433 (MASA) and the non-bargaining group . The University will appoint an equal number of management employees.



The subcommittee will have two chairpersons; one chosen from representatives of employees; one chosen from management representatives.


Member Responsibilities  


  • Reserve a meeting room for all meetings
  • Send a call for agenda items a minimum of 24 to 48 hours in advance of the meeting
  • Alternate chairing duties
  • Keep discussion focused on the agenda
  • Listen and be objective even when points of view differ significantly
  • Ensure that all members have opportunity to participate
  • Ensure the objectivity of  subcommittee discussions
  • Approve and distribute the minutes following each meeting
  • Ensure that the minutes of subcommittee meetings are  maintained, posted to the website, and forwarded to WorkSafeNB
  • Facilitate the members in attaining subcommittee objectives
  • Accompany the WorkSafeNB safety officer on workplace inspections or investigations
  • Coordinate workplace accident/incident investigations and right to refuse situations
  • Appoint the secretary for each meeting
  • Approve requests from non-members to attend meetings



  • Normally the secretary will be one of the co-chairpersons.
  • If there is only one chairperson present, that person will appoint another member of the subcommittee to be secretary for that meeting.
  • Prepares the minutes of the meetings in a format approved by the subcommittee and recommended by WorkSafeNB
  • Delivers the minutes to the co-chair persons within five (5) working days following the date of the meeting



  • Promote programs and initiating safety awareness
  • Attend meetings prepared to discuss the issues on the agenda
  • Provide feedback as requested
  • Be prepared to discuss the role of the subcommittee with employees in the workplace
  • Attend training sessions as appropriate, and be familiar with University health and safety policies
  • Participate and prepare reports of accident/incident investigations
  • Investigate and help resolve questions arising from the right to refuse dangerous work
  • Review and update terms of reference annually
  • Maintain the content and links on the JHSC webpage
  • Follow through on assigned tasks as assigned by the subcommittee
  • Listen to concerns and suggestions made by managers of employees outside the subcommittee, and ensure these are referred to supervisors or to the subcommittee, as appropriate.
  • Accompany building inspectors on inspections semi-annually and report back to the subcommittee for review
  •  Accompany the WorkSafeNB officer on inspections, as needed
  • Provide Health and Safety training to employees
  • Other participation as agreed



Agreement on health and safety issues from the group will be arrived at collegially. However, if necessary, agreement will be arrived at by majority vote. In the event that  no agreement can be reached on issues, the subcommittee  will immediately contact WorkSafeNB for guidance or resolution. All information from the subcommittee  to the workplace will be communicated in writing.



A quorum to hold meetings will consist of a minimum of two employee representatives and two management representatives.


Meeting Frequency  

The subcommittee will meet monthly at an agreed upon standing time for a minimum of one hour. The subcommittee may schedule additional meetings as necessary.


Meeting Location  

The meeting will take place on campus and members will be notified via calendar appointment.


Monthly meetings will be conducted  based on the following procedure:


1. Business arising from the minutes

2. New business

3. Presentation of accidents/incidents investigations

4. Presentation of items identified as potentially hazardous

5. Presentation of building inspection reports

6. Training/Education of staff/committee members

7. New items of discussion



Minutes will be taken by an appointed member of the subcommittee on a form approved by WorkSafeNB, signed by the co-chairs, posted in the workplace (on the health and safety website), and forwarded to WorkSafeNB by one of the co-chairs.


Goals & Objectives  

Each year, the subcommittee will establish its goals and objectives for the coming year.



Where warranted, the subcommittee may submit additional reports and recommendations, beyond compilation of the minutes.


Training & Education  

All new subcommittee members will attend the WorkSafeNB JHSC core training within 12 months of joining the subcommittee. HR Management must approve additional health and safety training for subcommittee members.


The Term of Service  

Subcommittee members will typically serve a minimum of one year and a maximum of two, three-year terms. Subcommittee members may be reappointed for another term after an absence of one year, or unless otherwise agreed. Alternate members may be appointed for a single term not to exceed three years. If at all possible, the subcommittee will attempt to stagger member terms.


Building Inspection Process  

The University  coordinates and facilitates building inspections of all academic and administrative buildings of the University campus. The subcommittee will receive and review the inspection results, do periodic walkthroughs of the buildings with building inspectors and report to the other members of the subcommittee.


Terms of Reference Approval (April 2017):  

Approved by the following members of the subcommittee:


Cindy Landry (co-chair)                            ______________________________________


Darya Tower (co-chair)                           ______________________________________



Terms of reference (pdf)