What do you need to do?

  • Notify Human Resources (payroll@mta.ca) in the event of your marriage, separation or divorce.  When adding a spouse, for benefit plan purposes, it is important that you provide such notification within 31 days of the marriage or the date your relationship qualifies as a common law relationship.
  • Notify Human Resources (payroll@mta.ca) of any name change.

What happens next?

  • Human Resources will advise what needs to be changed for benefit and pension plan purposes and provide you with the necessary forms to make these changes.
  • Human Resources will then make any necessary name changes in the HR system and inform benefit plan providers (if applicable) and the pension plan record keeper.

Other considerations

  • In the event of separation or divorce, there may be additional considerations with respect to benefit plans and the pension plan.  Please contact Human Resources (payroll@mta.ca) for more information.
  • You may wish to review existing beneficiary designations for possible changes.
  • You may wish to review your existing coverage under the various benefit plans offered by the University.