What do you need to do?

  • Notify your supervisor on the first date of your absence and the expected duration.
  • Consult your Collective Agreement to determine the sick leave benefits you are entitled to.  For non-bargaining employees, consult your offer of employment or contact the Human Resources department (hr@mta.ca, ext. 2280).

What happens next?

  • Depending on the expected duration of the absence, your supervisor may require you to submit a medical note.  In the case of lengthier absences, during your absence or upon receiving medical clearance to return to work, you may be required to complete additional forms or provide further medical documentation.
  • Depending on the duration of the absence, the Human Resources department may contact you during your absence to provide you with information on your sick leave and/or Long Term Disability eligibility.

Other considerations

  • Mount Allison University actively supports accommodation opportunities for those employees returning from extended sick leave in order to facilitate a successful reintegration back into the workplace.  For more information about accommodation, please contact the HR Consultant (Compensation) at almartin@mta.ca or ext. 2246.