Pay statements, salary of record, T4's, and T4A's are available electronically through

  • Go to Connect MtA 
  • click "log in"
  • input your user ID and password (note: ID and password is what you currently use to sign into your MTA account)
  • click "submit"
  • select menu item "Connect for Employees"

To access your electronic pay statements:

  • select menu item "pay statements"
  • select the pay date for the pay statement you wish to view or print (Note: If you need to maximize the window to view your entire pay statement and a blank window then appears, click on the refresh button at the top of the page.)
  • once you finish viewing your pay statement click "close window" and remember to log out 

To access your salary of record:

  • select menu item "salary of record"
  • once you finish viewing your salary of record click "close window" and remember to log out

To access your T4 slips:

  • You must consent to receive your T4 and T4A electronically in order to give consent select menu item "T4/T4A electronic consent"
  • you will see two options available, please read each option and click in the circle next to the option to choose your preference for receiving your T4 and/or T4A slip.  Once you have chosen your option click on "submit" to save your choice.
  • If you have given consent then select menu item "T4 slips"
  • you will see a security message, click "no"
  • select the tax year you want to access your T4 for
  • If you see 2013 (1 of 2) and 2013 (2 of 2) this means you have two T4 slips for the tax year.  You will need both slips to file your T1 return for that year.
  • click at the top right hand corner to close PDF of T4
  • Once you finish viewing your T4 slip click "close window" and remember to log out

To access your T4A slips:

  • select menu item "view my T4A information"
  • select the tax year for the T4A slip you want to access
  • Once you finish viewing your T4A click "close window" and remember to log out

You should always check for a T4 and a T4A

If you have any problems accessing please call the Computing Services Help Desk at extension 2473 or e-mail If you have any questions about your pay statement, T4, T4A or salary of record, please contact Andrea Phinney at extension 2161 or e-mail