The MtA Strategic Statement Update & Five-Year Action Plan states:

"Mount Allison's reputation and sustainability rely substantially on the wide range of people and supports that underpin the delivery of our quality programs and services to our students....We must continue to attract, maintain and retain a professional and capable management and staff who will ensure an excellent and sustainable physical and technical environment to support the quality of the Mount Allison experience for our students over the long term"

The information in this section of the website will provide you with the information that you need to know about the orientation programs for Non-Academic employees. 

It will also provide you with some additional suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of first three months of an employee's tenure here and to ensure that the new employee feels positively about their decision to join the MtA community as an employee.

New Hire Orientation Program Checklist

Transfer/Promotion Orientation Program Checklist

Process for Completing Orientation Programs

Resource:  The Importance of Orientation
Resource: Going the Extra Mile:  Maximizing the Orientation Process for Satisfaction and Retention

Template:  Probationary Period - Mid-way Meeting - Conversation Planner
Template:  Probationary Period - End Meeting - Conversation Planner