Please note: The following information is now available on the Faculty & Staff Gateway on the Communications support page in the Campus services & facilities site.

Ever look at a brochure or advertisement and know who put it together before you saw their name? That's branding.

Brand guidelines help us all get on the same page when it comes to the look and feel of our publications, whether in print or online.

But brand guidelines are about more than colours or fonts or whether we spell "program" with one M or two Ms and an E (one M please!) They are about articulating who we are as a University.

The resources in this section are designed to assist you in developing publications of your own. For further information or advice, contact our marketing officer, Melissa Lombard, at 364-2678 or


  • Brand guide quick facts: an overview of some of the key visual elements in the brand guideline, such as official colours and fonts
  • Style guide (pdf): Mount Allison's set of standards for writing, helping to provide uniformity in style across our many publications.
  • Templates: Download templates for letterhead and Power Point and wallpaper.
  • Logos: Download Mount Allison logos.
  • Brand guide (pdf): A full brand guidelines document.
  • Design services: please contact marketing officer Melissa Lombard,, for a list of recommended designers you may want to work with on your project.