If you think you have a story that would make a great news release or a feature for our website or one of our publications, e-mail details to Laura Dillman Ripley at ldillman@mta.ca

There are a number of ways to share your story — please read more about them below before submitting your story idea and indicate where you think your story might fit. The Marketing and Communications Office reserves the right to choose the medium in which your story will be published.

Be sure to get your information in at least a week in advance in order to allow enough time for marketing and communications staff to turn your idea into an engaging piece.

Sharing our stories

News release
What: University-wide news (i.e. Macleans) but also individual news (national awards, honours, interesting research, etc.)
Where: Issued to local, regional, and national media outlets, as well as specialty publications. Also posted to the University website and shared on social media.
Requirements: High resolution, relevant photography for media use. (Can be arranged through the communications office.) Interview requests/logistics handled through the communications office.

What: Relating research/expertise to current events/topics for media interviews (i.e. consumer trends, holiday traditions, political and economic commentary, etc.)
Where: Interviews done in-person, by phone, Skype, and e-mail.
Requirements: Explaining work in everyday terms and why it is important; generally same day requests; requests/logistics handled through the communications office.

Web stories
What: Features on students, faculty, staff, and alumni

  • Interesting stories about research, work, awards, accomplishments, etc. that don’t necessarily have a “news” angle
  • Special categories include young alumni features (stories on alumni who have graduated in the past 10 years) and 5 Questions (stories about well-rounded Allisonians, showcasing a variety of accomplishments)

Where: Posted to the University website and shared on social media
Requirements: Photograph (can be arranged through the communications office)

What: On-campus events only, booked through 25Live

  • Appear on University event calendar (mta.ca/events)
  • Featured events on the Mount Allison homepage (just above news) are selected from the calendar
  • What's On event listings are selected Monday mornings from the calendar
  • What's On is sent to the University community and local media
  • Event can also be shared on social media and/or MtALive if appropriate

200-word web profile
What: Topics include: Alumni, Academics, and Athletics

  • Interesting, well-rounded student stories that showcase a variety of accomplishments inside/outside the classroom
  • Alumni stories that display where you can go with a Mount Allison degree

Where: Featured on the Mount Allison homepage under the main banner and on the Stories page
Requirements: Hi-resolution landscape photograph (can be arranged through the communications office)

200 word profile example

Social media

  • Departmental/on-campus award winners
  • Announcements
  • Events of campus-wide interest
  • Photography

Where: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (University and Alumni accounts) — high traffic location for prospective students, current students, and alumni
Requirements: Photographs are not required, but help increase the reach of the post. Photographs can be arranged through the communications office. 

Facebook example

Printed publications
What: Feature stories about students, faculty, and alumni that showcase experiential learning opportunities, research and creative activities, alumni with interesting career accomplishments, etc.
Where: Includes a variety of brochures, the Viewbook, and the Record — Mount Allison’s alumni magazine
Requirements: Hi-resolution photographs required (can be arranged through the communications office)