From writing and photography through to printing and mailing, Marketing and Communications is responsible for the production of Mount Allison's key publications.

Key publications include the Mount Allison admissions Viewbook, the Record alumni magazine, the Giving Report, and more.

Designing a publication of your own? Visit our brand guidelines section for advice on design. Or contact marketing officer Melissa Lombard at for specific questions about design or advice on hiring a designer.


Past projects

Mount Allison Viewbook 2016-17

Mount Allison Viewbook 2016-17  

The Record – Mount Allison's Magazine for Alumni & Friends (Winter 2016)  

Mount Allison Record Alumni Magazine  

Mount Allison Highlights 2016-17

Hightlight 2016-17 Mount Allison  

Mount Allison Donor Report 2015-16

Mount Allison Donor Report 2016

Mount Allison Department Newsletters

Mount Allison Departments - newsletters

Lyme Research Network Mount Allison – Logo

Lyme Research Network Mount Allison University