Campus mail services is for University-related mail only. 

All personal mail must be directed to your personal civic address. If something personal does happen to arrive addressed to your campus address it will be held for you at support services for pick up.

All departments receive drop-off and pick-up service once each working day. Incoming mail is picked up at Canada Post each morning and sorted by department for delivery. Support services staff can provide most of the same services as through Canada Post. You can call or stop by the mail room to obtain a quote.

Sending print jobs

  • send your print job in a blue envelope 
  • if the print job is an exam or anything else you wish to keep confidential, please use one of the lockable blue mailing bags that are available in each department

Sending mail

  • ensure that outgoing mail has your correct civic address and department name as the return address on each envelope
  • please give us two to three weeks notice for large mail-outs
  • if you are planning on sending out a large mailing, please contact Ian Allen as there are special procedures that will make the process more efficient

Sending courier

  • use the red "Courier" stickers                                                                                                        
  • ensure that your correct civic address and department name are on the parcel 
  • include the account number that will be used for the shipping chargesfind a postal code

If you have any questions please contact: 
Ian Allen
(506) 364-3225