All freight and courier shipments are delivered to support services, which is the central shipping and receiving department for campus.   

Courier or freight vehicles are not allowed access to our pedestrian campus for security and safety reasons. All outgoing shipments are processed at support services only.

Support services staff verify, and sign for all shipments, on behalf of staff and students. Shipments are checked for damage before acceptance.

Departmental mail:

  • will be delivered directly to your department in either the campus mail runs or the afternoon freight run
  • incoming shipments arrive anytime though-out the day
  • outgoing shipments need to be at support services by 2:30 p.m. if you want the item to be shipped the same day
  • all outgoing shipments need to include your complete return address, including department name
  • please include the account number that will be used for the shipping charges
  • incoming freight charges are charged back to the department
  • items ordered on a purchase order will be received at support services

Student mail:

  • all incoming mail will be held for you at the bookstore — you are required to present photo ID and sign for all parcels that were shipped in by courier
  • notification of your shipment will be placed in your campus mail box
  • please use your campus mailing address for all outgoing and incoming parcels
  • please ensure that all incoming parcels contain your full given name and your campus mailing address

For inquiries please contact:
Nick Estabrooks
(506) 364-2595