Thesis Guidelines

The information below is based regulations drawn from the academic calender as well my expectations concerning the work involved in completing the thesis option in political science. For information concerning independent studies course or summer research, please contact me directly.



The thesis option is only open to students in the Honours program. It is recommended that students pursuing the thesis option should be achieving grades consistent with the demands of a First Class Honours Degree, as described below:

[10.9.4 ] Honours GPA and Overall GPA Requirements:

a) A degree with First Class Honours requires attainment of a 3.7 Grade
Point Average in the prescribed Honours work

b) A degree with Honours requires attainment of a 3.0 Grade Point
Average in the prescribed Honours work.

c) When a thesis is part of the program, a minimum grade of B is
required in all cases.

d) In addition, an overall Grade Point Average of approximately 3.0
must be earned by all Honours candidates on all work, including
repeated courses, undertaken beyond the first year at Mount Allison.
For those in full-time attendance at Mount Allison for three years
or fewer, this average will be calculated on all Mount Allison courses

The subject of the Honours thesis is to be approved and written confirmation from a thesis supervisor submitted to the Program Advisor before March 31 of the year before the thesis is to be undertaken. A formal thesis proposal must be submitted and approved at the beginning of the subsequent Fall term. Depending on the nature of the research and the methodology, students may also be required to obtain approval from the university Research and Ethics Board.

An Honours thesis is a substantial project which should demonstrate understanding of research processes and scholarly conventions. In scope, the thesis does not necessarily make a new contribution, but should be an independent and valuable contribution to the field of study. The final work should be approximately 35 to 60 pages in length (Due the last week of March). In addition, students will be expected to meet the following requirements:
1. Submission of a formal Academic Proposal (Approved within two weeks of the start of classes in September)
2. Submission of an Annotated Bibliography (Due the first week of October)
3. Submission of a Literature Review (Due the first week of November)
4. Submission of a first draft (Due the first week of March)
5. Attend regular meetings with their supervisor and successfully complete any revisions recommended for their submitted work.
6. Oral Presentation and Defense (Scheduled during the last two weeks of classes)

Grading Criteria
The calculation of the final grade for the course will be based on how well all of the above requirements are fulfilled, not only the final research paper. The weighting of each component is to be agreed upon before the project begins and the final research paper will be assessed by a second reader in addition to the supervisor. As per university regulations [10.9.4(C)] a final grade of at least B must be attained for the thesis to be completed successfully.