Craig Brett


Links to Working Papers (unpublished)

Workforce or Workfare? The Optimal Use of Work Requirements when Labor is Supplied along the Extensive Margin (with Laurence Jacquet), THEMA Working Papers 2012-40.  
Optimal Nonlinear Taxation of Income and Savings without Commitment (with John Weymark), Vanderbilt University Working Paper No. 08-W05. 
A Note on Nonlinear Taxation in an Overlapping Generations Model, Munich Personal RePEc Archive.



Current Research Projects

Voting over Selfishly Optimal Nonlinear Income Tax Schedules (with John Weymark)

Nonlinear Income Taxes and Equal Opportunity (with Laurence Jacquet and Robin Boadway)

Probabilistic Voting over Income Taxes

Nonlinear Income Taxes with General Equilibrium Wage Determination (with Laurence Jacquet)