Physics Teaching Assistant Certificate:

This certificate is awarded to physics teaching assistants who complete 4 key criteria.

  1. Training Course: Attending at least one Physics teaching assistant training talk.
  2. Employment/Practice: Successful completion of two or more terms of employment as a Mount Allison Physics Teaching Assistant (excludes marker only and setup only positions.)
  3. Presentation: Design and teach a short university in-class lecture of 15 to 20 minutes in consultation with faculty. This may be requested specifically for the certificate or as part of a Physics internship but can not be for course credit. (Teaching materials must be provided to faculty for approval 24 hours in advance.)
  4. Complete the application form and have each component verified by their supervising faculty or staff. Return it to the physics office by March 15th of your graduating year to apply.

Students are encouraged to include all Physics teaching assistant positions and teaching on their form as it adds to teaching profile. The form is retained in departmental files for reference purposes.


Questions about this Program should be directed to the Physics Laboratory Instructor, Cathy Pettipas.