Karen Crosby

Assistant professor

Karen Crosby

Contact Information

(506) 364-2514
Flemington Rm 11
Office hours
Wednesdays 1:30 - 4:20 pm
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B.Sc      Mount Allison University

M.Sc      University of Prince Edward Island

Ph.D      University of Calgary

Grants, awards, & honours

J.E.A. Crake Teaching Award, Faculty of Science, 2013-2014


Fall 2018
BIOL 3211: Human Cell Physiology
BIOL 3751: Comparative Chordate Anatomy

Winter 2019
On sabbatical



Research interests

Neurobiology of appetite

Impact of stress on feeding circuitry in the brain

Endocannabinoid and nitric oxide signaling and regulation of food intake in the rat

Role of the dorsomedial hypothalamus in integrating satiety and stress signals


 Crosby KM, Bains JS, and Pittman QJ.  Postsynaptic depolarization enhances GABA drive to dorsomedial hypothalamic neurons through somatodendritic cholecystokinin release.  Journal of Neuroscience. Under review. 

 Crosby KM and Bains JS.  The intricate link between glucocorticoids and endocannabinoids at stress-relevant synapses in the hypothalamus.  Neuroscience.  2012; 204: 31-7.

Crosby KM*, Inoue, W*, Pittman QJ and Bains JS.  Endocannabinoids gate state-dependent plasticity of synaptic inhibition in feeding circuits.  Neuron.  2011; 71(3): 529-41.  *These authors contributed equally to this work.  **Comment: Younts and Castillo, Neuron, 2011.