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Marilyn Walker

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(506) 364-2335
Avard-Dixon 315
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Tu &Th 1-2:00 PM, Fall Term 2014. On Sabbatical January 2015
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B.A. (Toronto), M.A. (Manitoba), Ph.D. (York)

Research interests

Marilyn WalkerArctic and Subarctic cultures and ecology; Mongolia, Siberia, Southeast Asia, Canadian north, Tibetan Bön, India, Atlantic Canada.

Medical anthropology, ethnobotany, alternative health, shamanism, traditional medicine, aboriginal health.

Indigenous ways of knowing, Métis studies, sacred space and place.

Applied anthropology, participatory action research, narrative inquiry.



Other Research

Mount A professor named honorary member, elder of Aboriginal People of the Maritimes

(in Sackville Tribune Post, April 9, 2008)

Talking Art (in here moncton, New Brunswick's weekly newspaper, April 10 - April 16, 2008, Volume 5, Issue 15)

Wild Plants of Eastern Canada: Identifying, Harvesting and Using (in Atlantic Books Today, Spring 2008, No. 57)
Review: The Coast (Halifax, NS)
Article in Moncton This Week



  •      Introductory Anthropology 
  •     Intersession 2008: Plants and People of the Maritimes
  •     Development Studies in Africa
  •     Visual Anthropology
  •     Anthropology of Development
  •     Arctic Ethnography
  •     Ethnobotany
  •     Advanced Ethnobotany
  •     Cultural Ecology
  •     Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Theoretical and Methodological Issues
  •     Anthropology of Performance
  •     Health and Culture
  •     Advanced Research Seminar
  •     Southeast Asian Ethnography
  •     Intermediate Special Topics in Sociology and Anthropology
  •     Independent Study/Issues in Sociology and Anthropology



Honour's Thesis Supervision:

Mount Allison University, Dept. of Anthropology, N.B.
Isabel Gertler: Urban Markets and the Changing Food System. Recipient of
University Summer Undergraduate Award 2008-9.

Mount Allison University, Dept. of Anthropology, N.B.
Laurel Dietz: "Gone to Pot": An Examination of the Medical Marijuana Debate in North America.
B.A. with Honours in Anthropology awarded in May 2005. Recipient of Departmental Award 2005.

University of Victoria, Dept. of Education, B.C.
Co-Supervisor with Robert Fowler
Robin June Hood: A Curriculum of Place and Respect: Towards an Understanding of  Contemporary Mayan Education
PhD awarded 2001

Mount Allison University, Dept. of Sociology/Anthropology, N.B.
Elaine Weldon: 'Out of My Skin': The Importance of Voice in Understanding and  Treating of Eating Disorders.
Recipient of Harold Crabtree Foundation honour' thesis research award Honour's
B.A. awarded 2000






Wild Plants of Eastern Canada


Wild Plants of Eastern Canada: Identifying, Harvesting and Using (in Atlantic Books Today, Spring 2008, No. 57)





Harvesting the Northern Wild



 Harvesting the Northern Wild




ARTICLES (Selected)

Walker, Marilyn. The Drum is my Ride: Shamans' Drums in Siberia and Mongolia. In: GOLDEN RATIO Spring Equinox 2012, No. 1 (Vol 1), pp. 28-29,
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Circumpolar Shelter. In: ARCTIC PERSPECTIVE Cahier No. 1, pp. 60-81, Summer 2010.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. The Reindeer Herders of Northern Mongolia: Community, Ecology, and Spirit Matters. In: COMMUNITIES, Issue 143, pp. 34-39, Summer 2009.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Spirit Matters: The Ethics of Photographing Unseen Worlds. In: ANTHROPOLOGY NEWS, pp. 10-12, April 2009.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Udegei Shamans in the Russian Far East. In: THE SHAMANISM ANNUAL, Issue 21, pp. 8-12, December 2008.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. More than One Hundred Flowers: An Interview with Anai, a Tsaatan shaman. In: THE JOURNAL OF SHAMANIC PRACTICE, Issue 1, pp. 26-32, February 2008.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Symmetry, Science and Shamanism: Towards a "Theory of Everything"? In: COSMOS, Vol. 24, pp. 27-55, 2008.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Shamanism and Traditional Plant Knowledge in Mongolia. In: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, Smithsonian Institute, No. 14, pp. 44-45, February 2007.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. An "Enic" Perspective on the Music of the Manchu-Tunguz Peoples of Siberia. In: SHAMAN, Vol. 13, Nos. 1-2, pp. 147-179.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Music as Knowledge in Shamanism and Other Healing Traditions of Siberia. In: ARCTIC ANTHROPOLOGY, Vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 40-48, 2003.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. The Language of Shamans and the Metaphysics of Language: Emerging Paradigms in Shamanic Studies. In: SHAMAN, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 35-59, Spring 2001.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Mi'kmaq Traditional Medicine & Cancer: Principles, Applications and Potential for Integrated Healthcare in New Brunswick. In: REMOVING BARRIERS II, pp. 185-190.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Basketry and biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest. In: CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES OF BIODIVERSITY, pp. 86-88, 1999.
[Download paper]

Savant, Patricia & Marilyn Walker. An Interview with Fred Alan Wolf. What the Bleep Do We Know? The Magical Mysterious Universe: Quantum Physics and the Nature of Mind.
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Walker, Marilyn. Ways of Knowing. In: JANUS HEAD Vol 2 (1) Summer 1999.
[Download paper]

Walker, Marilyn. Ways of knowing, ways of seeing. Story from Alaska. In: HONEYBEE Vol 10(1) January-March 1999.
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Grants, awards, & honours

Elder, Honorary Member, Eastern Woodlands Métis Nation
Métis Studies Project (Roland F. Surette Memorial Fund)