Natalie Donaher

Aquatic Biotechnology Research Associate

Natalie Donaher

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Barclay 105
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As a support staff member for several research labs in the biology and biochemistry departments, Natalie maintains grant-funded equipment, ensures proper training, organizes visiting researchers and completes benchwork for projects in fish toxicology and phytoplankton physiology.


Dalhousie University (Halifax NS) MSc 2009

Mount Allison University (Sackville NB) BSc 2006


Connectivity among Photosystem II centers in phytoplankters: patterns and responses (2017) Xu, K., Grant-Burt, J.L., Donaher, N.A., and Campbell, D.A. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics

A Hard Day's Night: Diatoms continue recycling Photosystem II in the dark (2016) Li, G., Woroch, A.D., Donaher, N.A., Cockshutt, A.M., and Campbell, D.A. Frontiers in Marine Science

The nitrogen costs of photosynthesis in a diatom under current and future pCo2 (2015) Li, G., Brown, C. M., Jeans, J. A., Donaher, N. A., McCarthy, A. and Campbell, D. A. New Phytologist

Complete nucleomorph genome sequence of the non photosynthetic alga Cryptomonas paramecium reveals a core nucleomorph gene set (2011) Tanifuji, G., Onodera, N.T, Wheeler, T.J., Dlutek, M., Donaher, N. and Archibald, J.M Genome Biology and Evolution 

The complete plastid genome sequence of the secondarily nonphotosynthetic alga Cryptomonas paramecium: reduction, compaction, and accelerated evolutionary rate. (2009) Donaher, N., Tanifuji, G., Onodera, N.T., Malfatti, S.A., Chain, P.S., Hara, Y. and Archibald, J.M. Genome Biology and Evolution 

Fungal diversity during leaf decomposition in a stream assessed through clone libraries (2008) Sahadevan, S., Wynberg, N.* and Bärlocher, F. Fungal Diversity 

Nucleomorph karyotype diversity in the freshwater cryptophyte genus Cryptomonas (2008) Phipps, K., Donaher, N., Lane, C.E., and Archibald, J.M. Journal of Phycology 

Synthesis and catalysed hydroboration of styryl sulfanilamides (2005) Wynberg, N.*, Leger, L.J., Conrad, M.L., Vogels, C.M., Decken, A., Duffy, S.J. and Westcott, S.A. Canadian Journal of Chemistry


*Natalie (née Wynberg) Donaher

Grants, awards, & honours

NSERC CGS-M Canada Graduate Scholarship 2006

NSERC USRA Research Award 2005

The Lady Henrietta E. Banting Prize, Mount Allison University 2005