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Steve Geier

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Steve Geier is co-ape to Chris Vogels in the Westcott lab.
In his current role, Steve assists undergraduate researchers who are with the WiLd ToAdS research group
He also conducts research in main group chemistry and helps with manuscript and grant proposal preparation.
Perhaps the most challenging part of Geier's job is attempting to preserve what's left of Steve Westcott's sanity.


 Wild Toads

Grants, awards, & honours

NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2011-13

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2011-13

F.E. Beamish Award in Inorganic Chemistry (Top Inorganic Chemistry Seminar), 2008

NSERC Post-Graduate Scholarship-Doctoral (PGS-D), 2008-10

Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2007-08


BSc. (Honours) - Mount Allison University, 2005

Visiting Scholar - Universitat Mϋnster (Germany), Summer 2007

PhD - University of Toronto, 2010

Post-doctoral Fellow - University of California, Berkeley, 2011-13



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