The Rev. John C. Perkin, the University chaplain, has ministered to Mount Allison University since 1993.

Rev. John PerkinAn ordained minister in the Baptist denomination, he has served churches in Winnipeg and southern Ontario. His ministry to Mount Allison is of a non-denominational nature.

A native of England, John has studied at Acadia University, the University of Manchester, and McMaster University. His studies have included the history of ideas, international relations, theology and biblical studies, pastoral care and counselling, and adult education.

The chaplain places great importance on the development of community, particularly through the ongoing worship and liturgy in the Chapel. Sunday evening worship is held through the academic year and is non-denominational in nature. Worship draws musically and liturgically from both the sacramental and biblical traditions. Special services are held in the Advent season, during Holy Week (in conjunction with the churches and clergy of Sackville) and at other times as requested or appropriate.

As chaplain, John offers counselling, small group nurture and pastoral care, and mentoring in spiritual as well as academic areas. He serves both the Christian community on campus and also the wider community of students and employees of all and no religious backgrounds. John is an experienced counsellor and has a particular focus on issues of identity and meaning, relationships, and death and bereavement. Marriage preparation and crisis counselling also form a significant part of his work. Small groups for study and discussion, spiritual development, and grief support are offered through the academic year.

An adjunct professor in the department of religious studies, John teaches in the area of faith and culture from an historical perspective.

Courses taught include:

  • Sacred Space and Pilgrimage — a first-year course introducing basic concepts of holiness and faith in culture through a study of the history of the Holy Land
  • The Apocalyptic Consciousness — a second-year course studying the literature of apocalypse and its religious and cultural expression in the western world through the last two millennia
  • The Christian Tradition and the University — a third-year course exploring the interplay of forms of knowing and the role of faith in knowledge and wisdom
  • The Bible and the Arts — a third-year course studying Biblical motifs, primarily in the literature of the western world, but also in its music and visual arts
  • The Historical Jesus — a fourth-year seminar course that explores what can be known of the historical figure of Jesus through an examination of the scholarship in this field

Chaplain's office
The University chaplain maintains two offices on campus, and is available to drop in without appointment during most days. He can be found in his office on the second floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre (Student Life area) most days, and in his study in the Chapel some afternoons, by chance or by appointment.

Appointments can be made for weekdays or at other times by contacting the chaplain's office:
Phone: (506) 364-2227